Bulk Sample
Program Overview
As part of the exploration program for the Murray River coal deposit, HD Mining received approvals from the BC Government to mine a 100,000 tonne bulk sample. Coal Exploration Permit CX-9-44 (BC Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources) was initially issued in December 2010 and then amended in March 2012 to approve the Bulk Sample program. The purpose of the Bulk Sample program was to test the proposed coal to be mined for use as a coking coal along with a coal washability testing.

In 2012 and into 2013, HD Mining completed surface preparations to mine the bulk sample. Following approval of mining equipment, underground development of a decline began in January 2014. Permitted infrastructure associated with the Bulk Sample is divided between two areas: the North (shaft) area and the South (decline) area.

The North (Shaft) Area includes:
  • Topsoil storage;
  • A waste rock pile;
  • Shaft site;
  • Coal processing site; and,
  • Water management facilities, including a sediment pond and discharge structure to M20 creek.
The South (Decline) Area includes:
  • A decline portal;
  • A truck loading area;
  • Topsoil storage; and,
  • Water management facilities, including a sedimentation pond and discharge infiltration galleries.
In December 2015, the raw coal mined for the bulk sample was extracted. Coal quality testing on the samples is being undertaken. The bulk sample program at the site has been completed, and the mine site is being prepared for closure.