HD Mining International is committed to working with local residents and businesses together with First Nations and community leadership to grow our operation in a way that respects local values, builds upon our shared interests, and reflects our operational values through action.
We believe long-term success in a region results from harmony gained through engaging and integrating our operations and team with the community. We strive to contribute to the development of a vibrant and diverse region and support its economic success through collaboration. Creation of local infrastructure, responsive to the regional need, as well as skills training programs will support the long-term success of Tumbler Ridge and an increased awareness of modern underground mining jobs as safe, skilled and well compensated opportunities in the future.
In the coming months we are developing up to nine management plans, required by our permits, which will guide our operations, ensuring the health and safety of our workers, the community, the environment and protection for any archeological sites discovered in the course of our activities.
Please visit this page often as the "go-to source" for information about this important project and our activities in the community as work gets underway.