Project Technical Information


Phase 1: Exploration, Technical Assessment and Bulk Sample


Investment of $US 100m has enabled the exploration and technical assessment to date, focused on Plot 1. Field drilling was initiated to support supplementary geological information in 2010, which affirmed estimated deposits. Once operational, the mine is estimated to provide between 6.0 million tonnes per year. Completion of Phase 1 is estimated at approximately $300m.
Mine design will include:


  • Slope shaft for the mining conveyor
  • Two vertical shafts: one for transportation of equipment and staff and one for ventilation. One shaft will have a diameter of 9.4m.
  • Centralized underground production control
  • Conveyor belt through the entire underground system
  • Rubber tired vehicles for men and equipment


Surface Preparation to Support Bulk Sample Permit Authorization:


  • Temporary facilities designed to support bulk sample permit activities will be developed commencing in 2012.
  • Permanent surface structures will be designed and addressed through the Environmental Assessment process.
  • It is anticipated that full surface capacity could be achieved in approximately 3.5 years.
  • Immediate surface preparation includes:  * A Coal preparation facility for crushing and screening; and  * Water treatment ponds


Current Status: Project Development Milestones To Date


Below is a chronological summary of ongoing work in support of initiating bulk sample exploration activity and submitting the Murray River Project Description to the Environmental Assessment Office. Key actions to date include:


  • Development of several monitoring and environmental management plans to address waste and monitor air quality, wildlife, surface water, waste rock composition and land disturbances: Ongoing
  • Approval for international Temporary Foreign Workers (through the Labour Market Opinion process) was received from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada: April, 2012
  • Meeting with District of Tumbler Ridge on Master Development Plan: March, 2012
  • Ministry of Environment Waste Discharge Approval for surface preparation: March, 2012
  • Ministry of Energy and Mines Bulk Sample Permit: March, 2012
  • Technical Data Submission to Ministry of Energy and Mines: January, 2012
  • Updated Technical Assessment Report: October, 2011
  • Meeting with District of Tumbler Ridge; Initiation of draft Master Development Plan: June, 2011
  • Notice of Work for Bulk Sample Permit submitted along with Technical Assessment Report: June, 2011
  • Field Drilling Assessment in Plot One: August, 2010