Environmental Protection


HD Mining believes that being a steward of the environment means minimizing the impact to the environment from our operations and effectively reclaiming the site upon completion of activities. The Murray River Project has been engineered to protect the environment during construction and operation including, air, surface and groundwater, and wildlife.
Several management plans are required as part of our permit. They ensure effective monitoring of the environment at and around the Murray River exploration site.


Waste will be minimized and managed in a manner that ensures protection of the surrounding environment.


Air quality will be protected by suppressing dust at the source, covering coal loads and ensuring vehicles are coal dust free when leaving the site.


Mine air quality will be protected through a unique ventilation system which includes automated gas and air monitoring devices at strategic locations.


Water will be protected by effective waste management, erosion reduction measures and backstopped by water quality monitoring.


Wildlife activities will be monitored and measures will be in place to understand and address potential influences.