Environmental Assessment


HD Mining International is committed to strong environmental protection measures and has completed technical analysis on the land, minerals and water within the project area.
The following actions will help protect the environment of our worksite and the surrounding area:
1. Managing dust on site and in the region by covering all trailers for coal hauling and ensuring vehicles leaving the site are free of loose coal and dust. Air quality testing will ensure standards are met.


 2. Surface water and treated water will be tested regularly to ensure quality standards are met. A quality assurance program will ensure the ongoing quality of the laboratory analysis.


 3. The geochemistry of waste rock will be inventoried on a regular basis and waste rock will be monitored and managed in accordance with a strict plan.


 4. Monitoring wildlife and environmental effects will occur at the site.


 5. A Construction Phase Environmental Supervision Plan will be in place.


HD Mining is continuing to prepare information in support of our submission to the BC Environmental Assessment Office. The objective is to initiate the environmental review process simultaneous to development activities under our Bulk Sample Permit.
There will be a public involvement component within the future Environmental Assessment Process. HD Mining will make links and information available on this website in order to increase awareness and enable participation.