Community Stewardship and Harmony


HD Mining respects heritage and history.


First Nations have hunted and gathered in the Northeast over many generations and evidence of historical cultural resources is sometimes found by accident. To protect any cultural resources which may be discovered during exploration activities, staff will have training and procedures to follow to ensure that the resource is appropriately identified and not damaged or desecrated.
We are collaborating on community development.


A Master Development Plan (MDP) guides the overall development of the mine and community infrastructure for HD Mining. Through ongoing discussions with the District of Tumbler Ridge, we are continuing to work toward identification of residential development opportunities for our staff, as well as community amenities or services needed to support the development of a healthy and vibrant community. Our Master Development Plan has been flexible in order to respond to the District’s land availability, planning and zoning considerations and service needs.
We look forward to being a strong community partner in the coming years.


Training in NE BC for HD Mining jobs:


HD Mining has a long-term plan to support development of regional training initiatives for underground coal miners. Growing the skill and experience base locally will enable the transition to hiring underground coal miners regionally.
Mining jobs are some of the best paying in British Columbia:


HD Mining is no exception. Opportunities at HD Mining are broad and can be found on our “Opportunities” page. HD Mining has been challenged by the full employment experienced in Northeast BC, resulting in low application rates and the limited availability of experienced underground coal miners in British Columbia. All positions filled by HD Mining whether by Canadian or international workers have the same job description and the same competitive, family-supporting salary.